When all this uncertainty has passed and we are back on track with our lives, please keep in mind that The Cottage offers the perfect place to host your gatherings, parties and special events. We will be here for you and will be excited to serve you! Below is some great information to think about so when that perfect party can finally come to fruition, you'll be ready to go. 
What goes into creating the perfect party? Choosing an entertaining theme? Absolutely! Inviting your closest family and friends to join you to gather and celebrate? That goes without saying. Having an array of savory recipes within arm’s reach? Of course. But perhaps the most important component that goes into planning every party is choosing the ideal setting.

Hosting your event at the perfect place really can make or break the occasion. Think about it; we’ve all been to a gathering where all of the components were in place; the food was outstanding, you were surrounded by beloved company…but the location didn’t quite match. While any number of happy moments could have stood out in the memories of your guests, one unfortunate thing instead sticks; everything was great, except the location. Yes, a bad location really can taint any wonderful gathering. Fortunately, when you plan a gathering at The Cottage, you can rest assured that all of the aspects of a perfect party are present; you’ll be surrounded by a welcoming staff, you’ll enjoy unbeatable food and drink, and you’ll be entrenched in an unmatched ambiance.

Honestly, what isn’t there to like about hosting your party at The Cottage? While we may seem a little biased, all of our guests agree that there is no better spot to gather those closest to you. If our award-winning fish and chips or customer favorite original cottage pie aren’t what you’re craving, don’t worry, we offer a catering menu that’s sure to satisfy every guest. Add that to our cozy, authentic Irish ambiance, and you have all the ingredients for an ideal gathering. Maybe that’s why we received a Northwest Reader’s Choice award as the 2016 Best Neighborhood Bar and Grill.

You want your next party to be memorable, but you want that gathering to be memorable for the right reasons. You don’t want your guests to remember your celebration as being “fine” or “so-so.” All of the aspects of your event need to be perfect—the menu, the guests, and especially, the venue. Trust that all of these crucial components will be easily taken care of when you plan your party at The Cottage. Call us at 815-459-7520 to schedule and plan your next celebration.