As the temperatures continue to drop and the skies darken earlier every day that only means one thing: Winter is coming. Sure, there are many aspects of winter to enjoy—who doesn’t love the holiday season and a picturesque snowfall? But, not to sound like our glasses are ‘half-empty,’ it’s also the season that seems the longest. There comes a point every winter where that once beautiful snowfall turns into a constant nuisance, where the chilly temperatures are uncomfortable rather than charming. It’s easy to become restless and weary in the coming months. 

When it comes to the seemingly never-ending frigid days, we need every perk during this time of year that we can get. That’s why we at The Cottage got together and decided to provide our beloved customers with some unbeatable specials and deals. These mouthwatering deals will give you plenty of reasons to brave the cold and venture out to us.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the specials we are proud to offer to make this winter much more bearable. 

Mondays - Relive the warmth and sunshine of summertime with our Monday specials. Our Jumbo Shrimp is just what you need to escape the cold and bring back warmer memories. Not only that, but they’re only 85 cents each, now that’s good for morale and your wallet! 

Tuesdays - If you’re ever having a bad day or are already tired of the dropping temperatures, The Cottage has the cure for you: pizza. Pizza, we find, solves many problems. And when it’s half price, that’s even better. 

Wednesday - Enjoy Original Cottage Burgers for only $5 every Wednesday at The Cottage.   

Thursday - Ah Thursdays, the day where the weekend is so close we can almost taste it. What better way to celebrate with $0.49 wings at The Cottage? (Hint—there is no better way). 

Friday - On Fridays, there’s no better meal than a Fish Fry (and all you can eat, no less) when the weather outside is frightful. 

Saturday—Feast like Santa Claus himself with our Prime Rib Dinner. Top it off with our Monster Bloody Mary for the ultimate winter meal. 

Sunday—Who said we were offering our Monster Bloody Mary’s only one day a week? Get your fill of this favorite beverage every Sunday at the Cottage. And that’s not all, warm up with a Barbeque Rib Dinner for only $7.95—good for the stomach and great for the soul! 

The Cottage Pub
has exactly what you need to beat the winter blues. It’s easy with our incredible specials to forget about the downsides of the long, cold season ahead of us. Instead, focus on the positive, and give yourself countless reasons to be excited about the coming weeks and months ahead. Visit us at 6 East Crystal Lake Avenue in the heart of Crystal Lake. Give us a call at 815-459-7520 to reserve your table or plan your upcoming gathering.