When it comes to beer, the first thought that comes to beer lover’s mind is that the perfect glass of beer boasts a rich head of foam.  This is the eye candy of beer; a perfect foam exemplifies beer poured perfectly.  A perfect bonnet of foam provides a natural cap for the beer carbonation. As a result, you get a smoother, cleaner taste of beer.

There is a debate about whether it is an art
or science behind pouring the perfect glass of beer.  Most brewers would agree there’s a certain technique, therefore there is a science behind pouring a beer. 

Clean and dust free.  Before you select a glass or a vessel, start with glass that is clean and dust-free.  Make sure there aren’t any extra cotton or paper particles.  Particles can cling to a glass during drying.  Instead of using a towel to dry the glass, let the glass air dry.  Air drying is best because oils and dirt can interfere with the way foam head forms, altering some of the subtle flavors. 

Select:  Select your glass or vessel.  You can use a standard pint, but you can also use pilsner glass, stout glass, or even a brandy snifter for more intense brews.  Once the vessel is selected, give it a quick rinse with cold water.  Giving the glass a quick rinse of water makes the glass slippery, creating less friction when the beer is poured.  Less friction is a sign of a smoother pour, resulting in a more fragrant head. 

The tilt:  Good pours start with a glass tilted at 45 degrees.  Hold it like this and fill the beer about halfway or a bit more.  The beer should be poured slowly, allowing the liquid to land directly in the middle of the side of the glass. 

Straighten:  After pouring half of the beer, straighten it and allow the foam to form.  Pour the last half directly into the center.  This will allow for the half-inch to inch head of foam you want.  Straightening the glass sooner than halfway would create more foam and you don’t want that!  The ideal beer is to have about two fingers of foam on the top of the glass.  See you at the Pub! 

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